Tekla Tedds 2019 - Service Pack 3

Last updated September 11, 2019 by Tedds Development Team tekla-product-development-tedds-team-ug@trimble.com

Tekla Tedds 2019 - Service Pack 3


If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will require both updates.

Service Pack 3 is required to use the Tedds Engineering Library (September 2019) or later.


[TEDDS-3308]1 Fixed the Contact Support command requiring a Tekla Structures maintenance license in order to submit a support case via the Tekla Support Tool.

2D analysis

[TEDDS-3709]1 Fixed result diagrams in the user interface and output showing the text for some results upside down after installing Service Pack 2.

[TEDDS-3691]1 Minor amendments to the user interface to ensure controls are consistently sized and aligned in order to improve the overall visual quality.

Writing Calculations

[TEDDS-3743]1 New DrawStringOrientation function for controlling the orientation of text which is useful when part of a drawing component or drawing will have a global transformation. The orientation options will ensure that regardless of the transformations applied the text will remain vertical or horizontal relative to the drawing canvas and always upright.

[TEDDS-3720]1 New data list functions DListGetVarMax and DListGetVarMin which return the maximum and minimum numeric values for the specified variable on the currently selected data list page. If an item filter is applied the value will be limited to the items which match the current filter.

[TEDDS-3388]1 Added ShowMaterialSection property to the 2D analysis user interface to show or hide the Material and Section controls when using the single member user interface.


1 This number is an internal reference number and can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.

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