Search Tekla User Assistance content

Search Tekla User Assistance content

Tekla User Assistance service has a search feature with several options that help you pinpoint any content in the service. Taking the time to check these short instructions help you to find the information you need.

To conduct an effective search in Tekla User Assistance:

Log in to search through all content.

Some content is not available unless you log in with an account that is connected to an organization with a maintenance contract. The search results only display results in content that you are currently allowed to view.

Enter the search terms.

If you are not sure what to enter, you can search without giving a search term and then filter the results to get a list of results close to what you need to find.

Use the correct search option.

  • The right option to use depends on how many search terms you enter and how common words they are. An exact phrase search produces the least results and the any words search produces the most results.
  • The search matches different forms of the same word if you search for Any word or All words , so there is no need to repeatedly search for filter, filtering, and filtered.
  • In the Exact phrase mode, the search only returns results for the word form that you enter.
  • The case is always ignored. For example, 2D and 2d return the same results.

Filter the results.

  • To filter content (reduce the number of results), click a filter item. You can add several filters to your search.
  • To remove filters (increase the number of results), click on the 'x' in front of the filter name.
  • All filters are reset to defaults when you enter a new search term. The default filters include your selected software version and language.

Save useful searches.

You can save your search results in the panel on the left below filter selections. The saved searches are shown on the search results page and in your user menu, so you can return to them later.