Tekla Tedds 2019 - Service Pack 1

Last updated July 26, 2019 by Tedds Development Team tekla-product-development-tedds-team-ug@trimble.com

Tekla Tedds 2019 - Service Pack 1


If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will require both updates.


[TEDDS-3459]1 Enhanced calculation performance, reducing the calculation time by up to 50%, depending on the calculation.

[TEDDS-3149]1 Tekla Support Tool - Updated the message prompt for 'Save document before sending' to include the option to cancel.

[TEDDS-3208]1 Fixed the Tedds Setup Wizard not showing the full text of some labels in the user interface.

[TEDDS-3409]1 Enhanced the 2D analysis solver so that density values are automatically factored by g_{acc} when using the US locale so that the conversion factor does not need to be included in the Calc Items which define the available materials.

[TEDDS-3482]1 Fixed the Engineering Library documentation included in Tedds 2019 actually being the old Tedds 2018 documentation.

Tedds Application

[TEDDS-298]1 Fixed the 'Send To Tedds for Word' command from working on some PC's because the TeddsForWord.tlb can not be loaded.

[TEDDS-3243]1 Enhanced so that the 'New Calculation dialog' can show and execute embedded file items which allows users of the Tedds application to access the Tedds batch design.

[TEDDS-31]1 Fixed the 'Login' indicator being shown on the ribbon partially overlapping the window caption if the Windows text size setting was greater than 100%.

Tedds for Word

[TEDDS-3193]1 Fixed 'Export to PDF' command not working when using Microsoft Office 64-bit edition.

[TEDDS-473]1 Fixed the Interface Designer in Tedds for Word showing the main window at the default location before moving the window to the remembered location causing the main window to appear to jump from one location to another.

[TEDDS-3173]1 Enhanced all the Calc Example commands to allow examples to be read from a library when the examples do not have consecutive Id's, up to 10 consecutive examples are allowed to be missing between any two examples.

[TEDDS-3199]1 Enhanced the dialog used to select Calc Examples so that the display name for each example in the list is now prefixed with the examples short name which includes the example Id.

[TEDDS-3152]1 Fixed error message 'AutoExec error -214024809: Value does not fall within the expected range' appearing when Tedds for Word was loading which then caused the Tedds Add-In to fail to load, if the shortcut to the master template could not be created.

Writing custom calculations

[TEDDS-3420]1 Enhanced the 2D analysis solver to include functions for determining which load case or load combination a max/min result occurred in.

  • SolvGetMaxShearLoadContext, SolvGetMinShearLoadContext
  • SolvGetMaxShearLoadIndex, SolvGetMinShearLoadIndex
  • SolvGetMaxMomentLoadContext, SolvGetMinMomentLoadContext
  • SolvGetMaxMomentLoadIndex, SolvGetMinMomentLoadIndex
  • SolvGetMaxAxialForceLoadContext, SolvGetMinAxialForceLoadContext
  • SolvGetMaxAxialForceLoadIndex, SolvGetMinAxialForceLoadIndex
  • SolvGetMaxDeflectionLoadContext, SolvGetMinDeflectionLoadContext
  • SolvGetMaxDeflectionLoadIndex, SolvGetMinDeflectionLoadIndex
  • SolvGetMaxAxialDeflLoadContext, SolvGetMinAxialDeflLoadContext
  • SolvGetMaxAxialDeflLoadIndex, SolvGetMinAxialDeflLoadIndex

[TEDDS-3317]1 Improved calculation user interface buttons which include an image on the button. When the button is too small to show the image with the normal padding to the left of the image the image will be automatically aligned closer to the left edge of the button in order to improve the chance that the image will fit on the button face.

[TEDDS-260]1 Fixed the Interface Designer sizing the main window incorrectly if the windows text size setting is greater than 100%.

[TEDDS-3253]1 Fixed Interface Designer Pro crashing when attempting to move the first control in the tree upwards

Tedds Open API

[TEDDS-1254]1 Enhanced the Tedds API Tester application to allow the user to browse for the source calculation using the standard Select Calc Library and Select Calc Item dialogs.


1 This number is an internal reference number and can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.

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