Tekla Tedds 2020 - Service Pack 1

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Tekla Tedds 2020 - Service Pack 1

Please note Tedds Service Pack 1 requires Tekla Structural License Service 3.1.2 or later.

Service Pack 1 includes enhancements to coincide with the launch of Tekla Tedds being part of the Tekla Partner Program and API documentation which has been published on the Tekla Developer Center.

Tedds API

TED to PDF Converter

This is a new command line utility which converts Tedds documents files (.tid) to PDF files. It can convert a single file, all the files in a directory or all the files in an entire directory hierarchy. The source code is provided as an example of how to use the Tedds Application API however this feature is also of benefit to anyone who wants to archive or publish completed Tedds projects in PDF format. The TedToPdf.exe application is located in the Tedds program files (x86) installation directory.


[TEDDS-4144, TEDDS-4122]1 - Fixed SolvSelectResultsPosition not finding a position when multiple shear results occur at the same location, which affected the RC 2D/beam analysis & design (ACI318) calculations.


[TEDDS-4573]1 - Fixed Tedds appearing to hang when using Tekla Online Licensing because the select license dialog was hidden behind the Tedds application window.

[TEDDS-4313]1 - Modified all calculation user interfaces to always show Input values in General format and regardless of the magnitude of the value never in scientific format by using the new User Input (U) results format.

Tedds for Word

[TEDDS-4625]1 - Fixed Tedds for Word when opening a document from File Explorer or Word then immediately trying to use the export to PDF command causes Word to hang.

Writing Custom Calculations

[TEDDS-4575]1 - New Output (O) result format for transferring numeric values as strings which ensures that precision is maintained for data Input/Output operations or interoperability with other software applications.

[TEDDS-4603]1 - Enhanced StrFormat and all functions which support variable placeholder arguments to support the new Output and User Input number to string formats.

[TEDDS-4509]1 - Fixed the error "Sequence contains more than one matching element" when attempting to launch the Calc Publishing Wizard.

Tedds API

[TEDDS-3668]1 - Enhanced the Tedds API test application to use the Tedds application API for save to Tedds document and Save to PDF.


1 This number is an internal reference number and can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.

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