Tekla Tedds 2020 - Service Pack 2a/b

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Tekla Tedds 2020 - Service Pack 2a/b


This update has been re-released to address a number of minor bugs introduced in the initial release - see [TEDDS-4820]2, [TEDDS-4835]3


If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will require both updates.

Tedds Application

The Duplicate document command which is one of the most frequently used commands in the Tedds Application has been enhanced to improve productivity. When the Duplicate command on the Home tab is now used on a document which belongs to the current project the new document will be automatically added to the project.

Visual Quality

When using a 4K display the 4x increase in pixels over a standard HD (1080p) display can provide a significant improvement in the visual quality for text, images and drawings in both the Tedds user interface and the documented output. This service pack includes more enhancements and fixes which ensure that Tedds is optimised for high resolution displays and some of those improvements will also be of benefit if your Windows Text Size setting is greater than 100%.

Other Updates


[TEDDS-4749]1 - Fixed calculation user interface button images for “Collapse” and “Expand” which were transposed.
[TEDDS-4659]1 - Added an option to prevent asterisks being converted to multiplication symbols in document output in order to resolve problems on some systems which do not display the multiplication symbols correctly.
[TEDDS-4769]1 - Fixed Date format control on the Tedds header options dialog to ensure that the items in the list use an appropriate height when Windows text size settings are greater than 100%
[TEDDS-4835]1,3 - Fixed TedToPdf.exe failing to run after installing Service Pack 2 due to unhandled exception, "System.MissingMethodException".

2D analysis

[TEDDS-4669]1 - Fixed the expression error “section name cannot contain the '*' character” when selecting some steel sections and the Tedds country setting is “Finland”, “Norway” or “Sweden”.
[TEDDS-4695]1 - Fixed 2D analysis not recognising which datalist an existing steel section was selected from.
[TEDDS-4361]1 - Improved layout of 2D analysis user interface when Windows text size settings are greater than 100%.
[TEDDS-3552]1 - Removed references to Quasi combinations when the design code is steel or timber (requires Tedds Engineering Library July 2020).
[TEDDS-4134]1 - Fixed error "Load extends beyond end" which sometimes occurred for loads positioned on the end of an element.
[TEDDS-4707]1 - Fixed to prevent an undefined variable error in the “Wood member analysis and design (NDS)” calculation related to "_SetMaterialDetails" due to the manual input of the material density. When combined with the Tedds Engineering Library (July 2020) update the enhancement [TEDDS-545]1 ensures that the density value is calculated automatically for sawn lumber and glulam and does not have to be entered manually.
[TEDDS-4799]1 - Fixed lumber type not being included in section source data for US flitch sections.

Tedds Application

[TEDDS-4366]1 - Enhanced the “Duplicate” document command so that when the source document is included in the active project the new document will be automatically included in the project after the source document.
[TEDDS-4715]1 - Fixed attempting to calculate when signed out shows multiple sign in windows and attempts to calculate

Tedds for Word

[TEDDS-4651]1 - Tedds For Word: Enhanced the Insert Tedds Field dialog to use high resolution images when the Windows text size setting is at least 200% which improves the visual fidelity on hi resolution displays.
[TEDDS-4768]1 - Tedds for Word: Fixed the units menu appearing visually corrupted when the Windows text size setting is greater than 100%.
[TEDDS-4688]1 - Fixed inconsistent tooltips for “Unlink Fields” command
[TEDDS-4723]1 - Improved user experience when a license fails to verify.
[TEDDS-4634]1 - Modified the “Update Calc Examples” and “Verify Calc Examples” commands so that numeric values are now formatted in input/output format which ensures that precision is always maintained.
[TEDDS-4333]1 - Attempting to open the Tedds options dialog in Tedds for Word before the Tedds Add-In has loaded causes Word to hang.
[TEDDS-4820]1,2 - Fixed error "Exception reading manifest from file. The manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened. Manifest XML signature is not valid" when launching Tedds for Word after installing Service Pack 2.

Calculation writing

[TEDDS-4634]1 - Modified the “SaveVerifySectionVarsCalcItem” and “SaveSectionVarsTextFile” functions to use input/output formatting when representing numeric values in plain text.
[TEDDS-4647]1 - Enhanced buttons in calculation user interfaces to support more pre-defined images including “Optimize” and “Ellipses”.
[TEDDS-4662]1 - Enhanced buttons in calculation user interfaces to support hi resolution images when the Windows text size setting is at least 200% which improves the visual fidelity on hi resolution displays.
[TEDDS-4745]1 - Enhanced calculation user interfaces to allow dialog pages to be shown as compact popup dialogs which can be used with a button to achieve a drop down style button which opens a compact version of a dialog.

Tedds API

[TEDDS-4732]1 - Tedds Application API: Enhanced TeddsDocument to include a set VariablesXml property.
[TEDDS-4733]1 - Tedds Application API: Enhanced ITeddsDocument to include properties for querying the library file and item name of the calculation associated with the document.
[TEDDS-4747]1 - Tedds Calculator: Enhanced to include a new UndefinedVariable2 event which allows the attributes of the new variable to be defined.


1 This number is an internal reference number and can be quoted to your local Support Department should further information on an item be required.
2 Included as part of Service Pack 2a
3 Included as part of Service Pack 2b

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