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Launch the Tedds Application

Added March 16, 2018 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

Software version: 
Tekla Tedds 2018

Launch the Tedds Application

Launch the Tedds Application

  1. To launch the Tedds Application , do one of the following:
    • In the Windows start menu, find and select Start Tedds.
    • On the desktop, double-click the Start Tedds icon.

    The Tedds Start wizard appears.

  2. Click Tedds.

    The Tedds Start Page appears.

    On the Tedds Start Page , you have the following options:
    • If you have purchased additional regional libraries, you can set the default region locale by using the Locale list.

    • To create an empty document and select a calculation in the calculation library, go to the New tab and select New Document


      If necessary, on the New tab , you can also click the calculation name in the Recently used calculations list. Tedds then creates a new document containing the selected calculation.

    • To open an existing document, either click Open Document and browse to find the document, or click the document name in the list under Open Document.

    • To create an empty project, go to the New tab and click New Project.

    • To open an existing project, either click Open Project and browse to find the project, or click the project name in the list under Open Project.

    • To open the Tedds quick start guide, release notes, user guide, or help in a new window, click the required command under Learn the product.

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